The Bad, The Worse, The Ugly

We all have to use the restroom.

Waste has to be eliminated.

That’s bad.

When the waste backs up, that’s worse.

Having to clean it up, that’s ugly.

So, I question..

Is it the toilet?

Is there a plumbing problem?

Is it the kind of toilet paper?

Septic Safe? Too thick?

What is causing the clog?

Someone has to clean it.

May as well be me.

But I gotta tell ya, as I ponder this, I’m thinking there’s a van out there… called Roto-rooter, (local plumbing company)

Who I’m sure would come to fix these issues, so I don’t have to deal with it.

Is that the Greek term, Roto Rooter… for rooting out the root of the problem?

I’m trying to get spiritual with this.

I need that today.

God, get to the bottom of this!

As I tend to the situation, I realize that it may have been avoided by proper flushing.

In order that no one hear throughout the night, it goes unflushed.

Isn’t that the same as keeping something to yourself that you’re trying to deal with?

So, as soon as a heavier issue comes, it’s clogged.

It’s the same thing as not taking a thought captive.

The next one becomes heavier and so on.

I want to blame the thick toilet paper.

Maybe that’s a slight problem, but the root…

Why do we use so much?

Why is this waking me all through the night?

Not long ago, came the answer.

Of course, before the problem.

Sugar, I heard, is what keeps you up at night as it causes us to retain water.

There’s the root.

Not sugar.


To sugar

To the sweet things in life.

Have you ever tried to stop?

Once you’ve tasted sweet, it’s hard to want healthy.

I single handedly ate the 4 dozen cookies I baked over Christmas break.

I justified myself with the notion that they weren’t that sweet

Because of that, the rest of my family didn’t like them and I just couldn’t waste them.

I could throw out the brussel sprouts, but not the cookies!

Yet, I know, that sugar depletes our immune system.

It’s not that we can’t have sugar, but does sugar have us?

Too much sugar leads to disease-

And an inability to fight off infection.

Now, let’s take all of this in terms of our faith walk.

We want to hear sweet things.

But if we overindulge in sweet things, it can effect our immune system to false doctrine and other harmful beliefs.

Every surface issue, indicates a deeper spiritual problem.

I’m not saying that every single plumbing problem has a spiritual connotation, but when you’ve been having the same problems over and over,

God can use all things to get to your heart.

Just like He used this to get to mine.

He wants us Whole.

He paid for it, up front, for all who would believe.

He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.

In all matters!

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