Piggyback Power

My husband and I have been working on the detached garage right up the way from our house.

The project had been sitting untouched for quite a while.

We had gotten so far with it, and other things choked our endeavors.

But now, we are at work and close to completion.

Running from our house to the garage, are piggyback extension cords that provide limited power to the building.

As I looked at that yesterday while running, Holy Ghost ministered to me, that aspect of the Body of Christ.

Many are powered by piggyback, He said.

I knew in my heart that something wasn’t quite right a few years ago.

When I would confess, and confess, and confess what I saw others confess and confess and see limited results.

Where was the power behind the confess?

The power isn’t in the confession-

The power is in the Revelation.

I can work off of someone else’s testimony- but I can’t live off someone else’s revelation.

Just like the limited power in the garage, not all plug ins will work at the same time due to the one extension cord!

It’s like being able to plug in some lights, but having to unplug those to use the power tools.

It’s the same without revelation.

We move from one preacher to the next for a Word or miracle, and the whole time, Jesus is the Source.

But that understanding of power takes time.

In the physical scenario, a trench needs dug, and wire stretched.

It’s costly.

Isn’t it the same in the Spirit?

We need to become rooted and grounded in God’s love, and then, faith works properly.

And, it’s costly.

It cost the precious blood of Jesus to give us access to the Power of God.

It costs us time, learning who we are and what He says, above all the noise in this world.

And, We need stretched.

Testimonies come out of tests!

We can glean from other’s testimonies, but Greater is the Revelation of knowing Him in our own testing.

Looking to Him for the Answers.

Allowing the Comforter to comfort.

I pray today, that you and I plug straight into Jesus.

That we are trenched in His Love.

Paul said to follow Him as he followed Christ, but you have to know what Christ is saying to know if who you are following after is truly following Him.

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