Speaking of waste…..

From yesterday’s post, I’m still considering some things,

Only waste of a different kind.

I don’t want to waste The Blood.

Jesus’ blood was, and is super expensive.

He paid for so much.

So, I examine my heart this morning as to how I’m stewarding it.

Dust said something that sparked a fire in my mind the other night.

I was sharing a blog I started on Friday about occupying until Jesus returns and he stopped me and said,

“You have a revelation of it. I don’t.

So it will take me a minute…”

His humility arrested my heart.

I’ve been applying that concept to everything I do now.

This very day, I need a revelation.

A revealing of what The Blood was meant to accomplish.

He didn’t die for me to live in anything less than Victory in all things.

The example of this, that challenged me first, was my working out with Dust.

He has a revelation.

A why.

I did, but it was super vague.

It was mainly looking good for my husband and spending that extra time with him.

Until it’s not convenient.

At that point, you have to have a settled why

And I didn’t.

So, I’ve been asking for Holy Spirit’s help on mind change.

I can do a workout and go through motion, or I can do the work-out.

I can engage every muscle in the group I’m working on, or just sling the weight up.

It’s the same with His Word.

We can apply it to our lives or just read and quote scripture.

I’ve done both, and let me tell ya, when push comes to shove, it’s the Word retained and acted on that chAnges things.

Not just what I know.

Like I’ve shared before, it’s not just what we know, but what we believe.

Being teachable is the fast track to revelation.

I’m sensitive to The Spirit this morning, reminding me that if I say I love God, but not people, I’m a liar.

If I say I let God teach me, but am not teachable through His people, I’m a liar.

If I say that I am Thankful for God, but not Thankful to those who work as His hands and feet,


You guessed it, a Liar.

The Blood cost too much for me to live shy of any of those requirements.

So, “Start there.”

I heard Him say.


Then, start listening.

Be teachable.

Then, you’ll be Loving in no time.

Isn’t that the height of His character being formed in us- To Love As He Loved?

The Spiritual Olympics so to speak..

(Jeana, you’ll love that comment if you’re reading this!)

Brothers and Sisters…

Let the games begin.

Let’s workout our Salvation.

Let’s treat His Blood as the Holy, Most expensive treasure there is!

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