Occupy, Until I Come…..

As I anxiously,

not the fearful kind, but rather the anticipating and exhilarating kind,

Wait for my man to come pulling down the driveway from work-

It explodes in my heart-

This is what Jesus is after in His Bride.

This same mindset.

The house is spotless.

A Candle is burning.

Only the sound of his car pulling down the rocky driveway, is left for me to know the moment is finally, here.

I’ve been waiting, yet, occupying, until He gets here.

I’m just going to simply say this..

The house is clean.

Nothing short of that will do-

Not with Thankful Anticipation.

He’s worked hard to help provide this home, and because I’m Thankful, He deserves it to be kept.

That’s what occupying looks like.

I’m not downplaying other women who work outside of the home.

And, this is not gender relative.


The same for the Body of Christ.

I’ve been on the other side of this.

Making a name for myself as a hairstylist and as a Bible teacher- while trying the maintain my home responsibilities.

It got me sidetracked and exhausted.

I get it.

There are varieties of occupations.

But the occupying that I’m focused on today for those called to His House,

Is the question of whether it’s clean?

The enemy is subtle with the art of sidetracking.

While I was focused on making a name for myself, I was putting all of my time and energy into doing so.

Comparison is usually the culprit behind our need for success.

Comparison breeds competition, and a lack of gratitude.

When I repented for this swerve, I could see once again, how blessed I am, and what needed to be done with what I have.

When we care for what we have with excellence, it’s a biblical principle that we will be entrusted with more.

That’s where Grace comes in.

But as long as we compare, and work harder to look like someone else’s life, were exhausted and frustrated.

I can’t help but think of Peter in John 21 where Jesus is having a moment with Him, yearning to remind Him of His calling, and all he could focus on was what John would be doing!

“What’s that to you.” Jesus said.

Feed my Sheep.

There was an area of influence designated to Peter’s care.

If he had his eyes on John’s backyard, He couldn’t focus on his own very well.


My encouragement to you this morning, at the core, is Thanksgiving as to what’s in your hand at the moment.

That, no matter how big or small, when not in comparison to another’s, it is God’s gift to You.

How are you occupying with it until He gets here?

He is, coming.

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