Water To Wine

Yesterday was a day of doing it despite.

From the moment I woke up, decision began to dominate what I felt.

Depression was calling my name.

Going back to bed and staying under the covers all day was the thought that tried to creep in to my weary soul.


That’s what you and I have to understand.

It’s not our Spirit that is tempted with depression.

It’s our soul.

It’s the dirt (lie) that creeps in, no different than leaves and debris falling into a swimming pool that needs vacuumed out- like I’ve compared before.

Decision is your vacuum.

The Holy Ghost is The Anchor Man of your spirit.

He speaks truth and yearns for truth to flow through your soul and out to your flesh.

What does this have to do with water turning to wine?

The wineskins represent our flesh.

Jesus instructed water (The Word) to fill the wineskins to the brim.

Some days, just simply doing the right thing because the Word says to, seems like filling those vessels with only water.

But our will of obedience, behind the scenes, makes us a candidate for the supernatural.

Look again…

That water, turned into wine.

A sweet tasting drink to others.

When we choose truth over a lie,

When we do what we say we are going to do,

No matter what it feels like,

Brothers and Sisters, water is turning to wine!

I believe that’s happening in the body of Christ right now.

There are so many behind the scene “servers” that are experiencing a conversion right before their eyes.

This was Jesus’ first miracle- in His ministry.

It wasn’t even a need, it was a request.

It’s still sweet to my taste today as the Holy Spirit ministers this to me.

What was once a way of life to me, is no longer.

Simply pouring the Word into my heart yesterday,

I saw the conversion!

Taste and see that He is Good.

When you do the right thing when it feels wrong, the supernatural is at work.

Water is turning to wine!

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