Delete It Immediately

We’ve been getting bogus text messages lately.

They are fairly easy to identify as fraud.

Still, they are closely related to accounts that we have that are actually being used.

So, it takes your attention.

That’s the design-

In hopes that your information will be disclosed as you mingle with it.

Isn’t that just like a negative thought?

Some, sound like your business.

But unless it’s the Word, it’s not!

Delete it immediately and don’t mingle with it.

The Bible says take no thought, saying…

That’s what the enemy wants.

Your information.

He wants to know what makes you tick.

If he can place a sketchy thought in your mind, and you open and entertain it,

You’ll start speaking his language.

And he knows that life and death are in the power of your tongue.

Let’s give him no place today.

Delete all his messages immediately.

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