Loc- Emotion

Have you ever been on a crazy train?

One minute you’re smooth sailing in the Goodness of God and then wham!

Train wreck.

Emotions get the better of your judgment.

Praise God, even aboard that train, of thought,

Jesus is there.

I was reading an excerpt from the book of Esther yesterday morning and I see in her story the reality,

and what appears reality.

She and the King had been apart for thirty days.

Based on emotions.

Fears that were absolutely not real had driven them apart.

Haman had been used by the enemy to paint them a picture of a false reality.

What looked like an affair to the King, and a loss of love for Esther was really a callout from God to use Esther and her King for what He had called them for.

The King had the practical power to keep death away from the children of Israel and Esther had a revelation,

and the ear of the King.

Together, they would do what had been in God’s heart to free His People.

Of course, the enemy would try to fabricate an illegal illusion brought on by emotion.

He’s crafty.

It was no different when the stone had been rolled away from the tomb and Mary was frantic in her search for Jesus.

Her emotions tricked her reality.

Jesus was actually There!

Standing in her presence.

But she failed to see Him as He was.

The Word spoken to her, caused her to see and hear clearly.

Brothers and Sisters, He is here.

He had told the disciples and Mary, He would rise, and He did.

He told us He would never leave or forsake us and He won’t.

He also said that where two or more are gathered,


Let’s let the Word clear our Loc-emotions and see things the way they really are.

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