Open Gym

Back in my volleyball playing days, especially getting into High School, players were offered what they called open gym.

It wasn’t a mandatory practice, per say, but those trying out for the coming season would do well to participate,

Showing their interest, and character.

It gave the coaches a boost of confidence that you weren’t just there because of your friends.

I’m meditating on that this morning about my spiritual self.

Being as how we just finished our physical home gym, I’m taking inventory on how much time I spend in the open gym.

Am I out there when no one else is watching?

Or do I just show up when my husband and son choose to workout?

What we do behind the scenes, is who we really are.

God sees it.

Make no mistake, The Coach is watching.

I love this thought.

Jesus must have been watching Peter and John in open gym.

They were fishermen.

He knew where they would be at the right time and right place because He had been watching.

He knew they could be trained to be fishers of men.

You and I were wired with our talents for a purpose.

God sees what you do in the natural and uses it for His Super- natural.

So, Brothers and Sisters, What will you be doing with open gym today?

Cheers to working out our Great Salvation!

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