Love Notes

I proudly showed my husband our son’s beautiful cursive writing one morning this week, so in response, he decided to leave Issac a cursive written note of his own.

“Issac’s dad loves him very much.”

The note read.

Issac found its yesterday, while completing his school.

It ministered several things to me from the outside looking in.

I was there when it was written, and when it was received.

First, our Daddy has written us love notes.

We can find them,



In His Word.

Second, Issac is just now learning how to write in cursive, so he doesn’t fully know how to read it yet.

Momma had to help out.

That’s what Holy Spirit does.

While we’re learning to read what Daddy writes, Holy Spirit opens up our understanding to see exactly what He means.

And finally, Issac’s dad knew, what His note would accomplish.

It was a seed.

To a great harvest.

Issac has written a pile of notes, that we’re now finding all over the house.

He learned of His daddy’s example, just like we learn of our Father’s…..

Consider this one more of His Love notes to you!

Pass it on!

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