Give Me Something To Receive In…..

So, I have to start by repentance.

Every Rose Has It’s Thorn, is not, by Guns and Roses.

That was pointed out, in a fit of laugher, by my husband and daughter.

That’s most certainly Poison, as is-

Give Me Something To Believe In…

Which brings up my next pondering from Holy Spirit.

I’ve been roaming around in Samaria, spirituality speaking for a couple of years now.

Seems like everyone I see, reminds me of that woman at the well, that Jesus deemed a priority on His travels.

He must needs go through Samaria.

When He found her,

Sun scorched, worn out, and shame filled,

He asked her,

For something to receive in.

She couldn’t even muster up the something to believe in, from Him.

She’d stopped even caring to look.

The fact is, she didn’t notice Him,

He made a draw on her.

He asked her for a cup of that water.

He needed her Receiver to change hands.

What she was used to drawing from and with, had still left her dry.

But He wanted to get her what He knew she had always thirsted for.

Time, after time, we see Jesus asking for something to receive in.

He needs an open door.

Of a heart.

Capacity to retain.

He’s looking for a body.

A whosever to fill with Himself.

The world is screaming,

Yet silent…

Give me something to believe in…

He’s Answering,

Give me something to Receive in.

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