When You’re Up You’re Up… and When You’re Down, You’re Down

But when you’re only half way up, you’re neither up nor down!

God spoke a Word to my heart last week that I’ve been chewing on…

“half truths in high places.”

Then, as I see, through King David’s saga of ups and downs emotionally, (psalm 119)

Paired with Elisha’s anger at the king who only struck the arrows 3 times, (2Kings 13)

I see the half way housing of our minds.

Our minds are the high places.

Where our mind goes, the Body follows.

That woman at the well was a half way house.

She was in the high place of tradition, fetching the water she thought would bring happiness.

Both physically and emotionally.

But Jesus suspended that logic and set her free of idol worship!

I’m seeing more and more just how much people worship people.

We let disappointments from relationships paint a picture of Jesus, and that’s not only sloppy and disfigured,

But half of a truth as well.

She looked at His lack of bucket that day.


She saw He had nothing to draw with.

It offended her mind that He had water, yet nothing to draw with.

It wasn’t what she had been used to, traditionally speaking.

She was in the natural.

He wanted her conversion.

Half way, is where we convert from soul to Spirit.

It’s what Hebrews talk about in Chapter 4 where He says the Word pierces between the two.

And there, in that high place, decision proceeds dominion.

Will we choose to Worship the King by His Word,

or worship ourselves ,

With what we’ve always known and tried before in our own strength.

In the Old Testament, when a Godly King took the throne, they would tear down high places of Worship.

That was a shadow and type of what Jesus wants to do as He is truly enthroned in the seat of our hearts.

What half truth is in your high place today?

What tradition is keeping you from Who Jesus truly is and what He yearns to be in your life today?

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