Little League

Issac is on a local ball team, that Dust helps coach.

There is a particular teammate whom the others have a hard time with.

He gets extremely frustrated with himself and others,

including my husband, whom he’s deemed the reason he can’t hit the ball.

“It’s the pitching!”

He thinks.

We can all see a different perspective, but to him, it’s everyone else’s fault.

It’s hard to play alongside that.

It’s hard to coach that!

This is not a new situation.

And it’s not far from home.

When I begin the line of thinking, that if he or she just wouldn’t act a certain way, or would pitch right, then I would be ok,

it’s time for me to bench for a minute.

I began asking myself this morning, if I would want one of me on my team.

Am I an asset, or an accuser?

The truth is, whether or not you realize it, you do have one of you on your team.

What you sow, is what you’ll reap.

Somewhere, in the future, you’ll be harvesting your actions and words.

Let’s be reminded of what Paul told the Galatians:

14 For all the law is fulfilled in one word, evenin this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.15 But if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another. Galatians 5:14-15