As you know, I’ve been spending more time with Wisdom.

The conversation we are having today is about unity.  It actually started a couple months back when I began a devotional about unity in marriage, but this concept can be applied to every facet of our relational lives.

What I gleaned from another believer’s understanding of unity, is that, unity in and of itself, doesn’t necessarily mean that I will always agree with everything my husband says or does, or my Pastor, or my sister, or the broach that my best friend is wearing-

but it simply means  that my heart is unified with the same root system as theirs-

to Love God and Love others.

After seeing this play out the past few weeks, the Holy Spirit drove it home for me this morning, as I spun around to pour another cup of coffee.

Folgers, that is, and in my opinion, yes, it’s definately “the best part of waking up” besides Jesus,  and the smile of my handsome man, and children.

To my dismay, Dusty, that’s my man- came home a few months ago, wanting to get Maxwell House, (God forbid)  because he had tried it at work.

Is that really even coffee?

So, I submitted, while secretly loathing inside.

As I poured my cup this morning, I realized, that neither Folgers nor Maxwell House has the power to send anyone to hell.

However, pride, and my need to be right all the time, can cause serious problems in my love walk.

So, what does unity look like in this situation?

Praise Be to God-that we both enjoy coffee!!!

It might cause me some extra effort to brew two pots instead of one, or I, maybe just maybe, could try something different?

Either way, love looks for unity to be upheld more than what simply benefits me. 

Thank you Wisdom.

I believe this nugget of information will make my relationships that much sweeter in 2019, and I hope you fellow coffee drinkers, (if not shame on you…. just kidding)

will be encouraged by it as well.


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