There For me

Seated at His Own Right Hand in the Heavenly Places,

far above principalities, and powers….

And every name that is named……

that’s Jesus.

He has already attained, my Stature and a place for me.

I’m seated with Him,

Spiritually speaking,

but He even intercedes for me while my body is on this earth.

So that there is a connection from Heaven to earth.

“Let your Will be done for me on this earth just like it is in Heaven.”

Jesus. Praying for me!

Think of that.

Jesus communing with Father on our behalf.

It’s even so much more than what He did that day for Peter,

(praying that Peter’s Faith wouldn’t fail because of the temptation Jesus warned him of)

because we are on this side of the cross.

It is Finished.

Jesus is reminding Father that the penalty was paid.

Does that mean that we should continue to live in sin?

I see where Paul was going with this now…

God forbid. Why would we stay in jail if we’ve been set free?

Rather, when we do miss it, as Jesus knew we would, He is reminding God of the covenant of His Blood shed, and also reminding us.

That’s the Only way our Holy Father could look on us today with unbroken fellowship despite this fallen system.

Love literally built a Bridge, between God’s Heart and ours.


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