Park It

“Months later, the apostles returned from their ministry tour and told Jesus all the wonders and miracles they had witnessed. Jesus, wanting to be alone with the Twelve, quietly slipped away with them toward Bethsaida.”

‭‭Luke‬ ‭9:10‬ ‭TPT‬‬

I’ve kinda been parked here.

I had an amazing revelation/reminder Sunday of some things my God has done for me and my family and it literally-

“Filled my tank.”

Remember how I posted that I chose to deal with my broken tank-

Well, I’m fully persuaded that when you get real with God about your healing,

First, admitting you are Broken,

He starts the process.

So, after posting Thank full- Tank Full on Saturday,

It happened.

I slept in Sunday morning.

I knew better, because I love my quiet time and I didn’t want to be late for church,

But I still feltdrained, so I slept in.

What little time I had, I was Thankful for, and God began to download.

I saw it the other day with our water heater and the air in the lines to our faucets.

It would sputter and drip,

But I knew that there was more where that came from….

I’d seen the TANK!

That’s what He gushed into my Spirit…

I’ve seen the Tank!

I’ve seen what God has done.

Not just on paper, but in person.

I’ve watched Him take very little and make all I need and desire.

Which just so happened to be where I parked.

Right here at Luke 9.

The disciples were rehearsing testimonies.

Telling Jesus of all they had done through His Power they had been authorized with.

But as I read this,

I wondered a little….

Did they miss Him?

You know, while they were out on their own?

You have to remember that this was pre- Holy Spirit living inside days.

Jesus was present only in one place at a time.

I am Praising Him today that He never leaves me, and if I ever miss Him, it’s because I’ve walked away, or am unaware of His Presence.

Reminds me of the tank again.

Do you know that I washed my hair with ice cold water, because I was unaware that there was still hot water in the tank?

How often we go without when we forget what’s within.

I was reminded Sunday of a testimony.

Of what it was like to know the Father, as my Father.

I desired a car.

But not just any car.

I desired the car My Father would show me.

The one He knew all around and under the Hood.

The One that would be a desire of my Heart.

(What He placed in me, at that time, was a desire to know and recognize His Voice.)

And that’s when, He can give us the desires of our hearts…. when we delight in Him.

No one can ever take that from me.

He told me the car would be red.

And it was.

Then He added to my faith that I would pay cash for the van I desired.

And I did.

At first all I could see was a “drop,”

I didn’t have the cash then.

(I just had a picture painted by God’s Word)

A spark of Faith…

But I knew what was in the tank!

I knew what God had said.


If He did that before, He will do it again.

Can you see the drip and hear the sputter?

I pray God fill your tank to overflowing.

Begin to allow His testimonies to burst forth from inside of you,

And watch His Power come forth.

We’ve seen the Tank!!!!

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