My Father is Rich

I haven’t  been listening to the radio, but the tune in my head is on repeat:

“But God, rich in mercy, You came to save me…Now I’m alive.”-Big Daddy Weave

Imagine coming into a new home,

fresh food,

fresh linens,

fresh everything..

You’ve lived on the streets for so long, you had no idea that life could be this good.

I’m getting an image of orphans who have been adopted.

We were orphans you know.

Sold into sin by our original parents,.

We had no right or inheritance to anything.

We were struggling to survive, and even if we did, then what?


But God,

So wanted a family.

He adopted us into His Own Son.

So, now, as children, we are experiencing the Father’s Kingdom.

His household.

Don’t you want to see what it’s all about?

I sure do.

And as I ask and ponder, as if I’m exploring each luxurious room,

The Holy Spirit, sings to me about my Father…..

“But God,

let’s just stop right there,

before we break down the rest of the lyrics.

Why does the scripture say in Ephesians 2:4-

But God….

rich in mercy?

I believe it’s because our Father is so contrary to what we have known.

There had to be emphasis on what He was not like.

The world, our former home and family, showed no mercy.

It was dog eat dog.

You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.. and maybe, if I feel like it at the time.

The devil never wanted children.

He wanted to steal God’s family inheritance.

He wanted slaves.

He ultimately wants death, for those under his guardianship.

The opposite is the nature of our Father.

And even Grander, because the enemy is not even a match.

It’s not tat for tat.

The devil  was created.

He still has to bow, and all He does is counterfeit to try and be like God.

Our Father said, through the Son, that He came, bearing the riches of mercy, to bring us life to live out more abundantly.

He is so Lavish.

That rich mercy also came so that He could destroy the works of the wicked one.

Our Father yearns to share His wealth.

His wealth overwhelms poverty, sickness and lack of any kind.

He is the Ultimate Provider with unlimited resources.

Now as adopted children, I don’t know about you,

but growing up,

my desire was to be just like my dad,

and Now that I have a relationship with The Father, I have the same desire.

If my Daddy is rich in mercy, then so am I.

If He came to save me, then my mission is to save.

If He brought me into His home, then I am someone who welcomes.

Remember How Mary said, Be it unto me according to your Word?

If our Father is Rich, then so are We!

Let’s lavish someone with the Riches of His heart.

(I believe when someone comes to your heart or across your path to bless or pray for, it’s because it is Father’s heart.)

There are orphans everywhere, they are looking to be adopted.










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