Woe is me, or WOW is God

I’m praising My God this morning for the opportunity to communicate.

Paul, the Apostle, while shut up in prison,

still, He continued to minister 2/3 of the New Testament to us,

through the form of letters that he was writing to the global church.

God is a communicator. Always has been, always will be.

He will find a way to get the Word to us.

There is nothing new, my Brothers and Sisters.

I say to you what Jesus said, and that is,

Fear not, only Believe.

I’m overwhelmed this morning at how Wow our God is.

He continues to go ahead of us,

to direct our steps-

if we will listen. 

There is something that I believe He is tugging at my heart-

in order to share His-

at this moment

And that is His stance against Pride in this hour.

We see it in the world, but do we see it in the church?

Pride is Also, nothing new, but how sneaky it is.

Usually pride and fear are holding hands.

Their author is the enemy.

Yet, as  I hear of more and more schism in the body of Christ right now over who is less or more fearful, it raises awareness to me of who we may be listening to.

I want to say this,

When you accuse your brothers and sisters,

You are working with the enemy.

He is known as, the accuser of the brethren.

Some say, you’re being fearful if you don’t attend church while this is going on.

Some say your disobedient.

Some say this and some say that.

Then the Holy Spirit reminded me of a few things.

Remember when Jesus asked the disciples what “they” were saying about Him.

Who He was?

You see, Jesus, Our Lord and Master,

(I don’t say that lightly, because now more than ever, we need to be LED.

Followers of Christ at the core.

Not just preachers and teachers of our own opinions)

went through the same things we face.

Jesus asked who they, the people, or the world, said He was-

and then He asked His disciples,

who they thought He was.

There was a difference.

There should be a difference in who We say He is.

We should know His character, and see Him different than  what the world sees.

The disciples went on to tell Jesus that some said He was Elijah, and some said He was John the Baptist raised from the dead.

But then Jesus asked them, individually.

Who do you say that I Am?

And today, Brothers and Sisters, there is a wide spread of they “say..”

But what about you?

What are you saying of Him?

Is He your Shepherd– and you shall not lack?

Is He your Secret Place of the Most High?


Because if He is, there should be no Woe is Me.

Woe is Me is the writer of Pride.

The ink to the paper if you will.

The fruit of the root.

Me is always focused on me.

And to the other end of that spectrum..still me.

The so called Arrogant Pride we see more clearly.

Both are focused on self. Not God.

THEY, neither one, LISTEN.

They Just “say” what they feel.

I believe God wants me to pause here, and place a too be continued…….

before I go on about our responses in the Body of Christ.

How we deal with each other, is a direct link to How We See God.

So, ponder with me today,

Are you seeing the fruit of Woe is Me, or WOW is GOD?







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