The Parable of LEGO Batman

So, I’m watching LEGO Batman right now with my son, Isaac.

There is a part where Wild Style,

tells Emmitt,

that he is the “special” that the “prophecy” foretold about.

(You’ll have to watch the movie)

The point is, in the natural he’s just an average guy.

No special talents.

No fame.

And He answers her,

fairly confused, yet going along with it,


“Yes, He is. ”

But as he fumbles his way, looking anything but special,

I’m reminded that we too, had nothing to show for ourselves in the natural.

But our God foretold that we were the “specials” that Jesus came for.

He made us special.

He made us everything that God said we were.

He made us able.

He qualified the unqualified.

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