What the World Needs Now… Is Love Sweet Love

I’ve been humming this tune for the past week now.

As I read the infamous, and as my bible describes it,

“Most precious verse”

this morning, the tune caught fire again in me.


I will never forget when the emphasis was added to this part of the scripture by a teaching I heard-

God So Loved.

You can sense the yearning of the Father’s heart when I ponder Him so Loving us.

And yet I look around,

In my family,

At the store,

On Facebook,

And I don’t really see the same understanding of that emphasis.

I’m to fault for this.

In my own sphere.

Because I fell short of understanding.

People are transformed by Love, Himself.

Just think of the lives that were touched by Jesus.

It goes on to say, John 3:17-

that the Son wasn’t sent into the world to condemn it.

But I know in my own life, I’ve suffered tremendously by bouts with severe cases of condemnation.

But the Truth is-

Jesus came to lift the curse.

Not apply it, and re-apply it.

Yet every time I bring an accusation against someone,

I’m condemning them.

And in turn, condemning myself.

I’ve learned lately, that what you Behold it what you become.

I pondered on it before, but it still wasn’t as weighty as it is now.

You know the difference.

When something leaps off that cute little message board and actually sticks to your heart.

A stick to your ribs message if you will.

Jesus told us in Matthew 7 to Not Judge.

It’s this same word for condemn.

He talked about beholding…

Your brother’s speck,

Instead of your own log.

I’ve seen this in action just lately.

When someone called out my speck and I couldn’t even see their face for the size of their log!!!

Simmer down now Chelsea.

Takes one to know one.

And I do.

I’ve done the exact same thing.

And that’s why, at times, especially in my family, it’s hard for them to hear the genuine Word coming forth because of the times I’ve done this.

Jesus went on to say,

Doing something like that is like casting pearls before swine.

They’ll turn and rend you.

Been there. Done that.

I’ve rended (if that’s a word) and been rended!

The problem with both is what we had been beholding.

If it had been this So Loved of the Father, like Jesus beheld,

There would be no condemnation.

But most of the time, as brothers and sisters, we behold each other,

Instead of the Father, Himself.

I want to say to you today,

I don’t know who’s hurt you.

Who you think may have taken your spot.

Who has it better in life- that you’re wasting your time being compared to.

But the truth is,

You’re beholding the wrong thing.

Can I please get you to shift your eyes on the So Loved of God you are?

No one can take your position, when you’re looking for your place In Him.

No one can steal your blessing, when you find your provision In Him.

No one on the earth right now is adored like you are In Him.

What the World needs now, Is Love Sweet Love.

For that to happen, we, His Children have to quit looking for it in all the wrong places.

We need to Behold Him, and live from the Love that we see.

My papa used to say, “if the world could only see Jesus in you and me, how much could they see?”

But they will only see in us-

as much as we Behold of Him.

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