Jesus Awareness

It used to be, that the whole month of December created a sense of Jesus awareness.

Even non believers in the cause of Christ were open to the idea of spreading Good Cheer, celebrating the baby Jesus in a manger.

However, I’m seeing more and more Merry Christmas replaced with Happy Holidays.

It tears at my heart.

What if we, as believers, were as bold and courageous about our cause, as the world is, trying to suffocate our good tidings?

I believe our new cause, is for Christ-missed.

Are we starting to miss Christ this Christmas?

It appears that way.

Have we gotten so politically and religiously correct that we’ve agreed that every way and any way points to Happy Holidays!

That’s not a cause at all.

That’s called compromise.

And what we compromise here and there will eventually be taken away completely.

The cause we truly celebrate, was what took place to put the very gift giving season into effect.

It was because Of Jesus, and the gift of His life, that even St. Nicholas began giving out of the love and generosity he knew.

He was aware of Jesus.

However, since then, as the enemy does, a counterfeit is celebrated to minimize and even contradict why we give in this particular season.

And honestly, for the believer, giving shouldn’t be a season, it should be a lifestyle.

Every day for the believer should be Christmas.

We’ve received the gift that just keeps Giving- all life long.

So shouldn’t we be spreading this good cheer all year round?

I would say the reason we don’t, is because in a way, we, as His own Children, still celebrate the baby.

That’s a great place to start.

Without the baby, we wouldn’t have the cross.

But Jesus grew up.

And so should we.

Stability, Himself was born in a stable- showing everyone He is the pivotal point of life, no matter where they’ve come from in social status.

He welcomes all.

But we move and grow from that stable.

We spread our roots.

Ultimately entering into His Death so we can conform to His resurrected life.

That’s why He died to give us His faith-

Not so that we could be ashamed of the Good tidings, but so that we could boldly proclaim His life, death and resurrection.

To broadcast His awareness in Us that exposes and drives out fear.

What a gift that would be, to a literal dying world around us.

Do you know what came to you through that baby that first Christmas?

Start there.

Then begin to grow in the length, depth, width and height of the love He has for you. Ephesians 3

As you grow in His Love, it will genuinely spread to others.

And His perfect love, will cast out your fears and cause the world to see Jesus.

O Come Let Us Adore Him.

As we Behold Him, we will reflect Him!

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