Stand Up!

It’s time, Church.

As I was led to this passage of scripture, (John 5) I was drawn to the age of this man.

He was thirty-eight.

I will be thirty-eight this year.

I also noticed he was lying between 5 porches (coverings).

Five represents the number of Grace.

He was under the covering of Grace, yet still bound, by his infirmity- for thirty-eight years.

Jesus walks up, assesses the situation, and then asks Him, if He is willing to be made whole.

After the laundry list of excuses the man gave, and all the let downs of all the other people around him.

So, for all of us, here’s the Word….

It’s time.

to stop making excuses, and reason that we aren’t what Jesus came to give us, because of what’s been done, or not been done to, and for us by others.

Jesus was right there.

Asking Him

So, I stood up, picked up my mat- of laying around in self pity, and began dancing on these Words.

Grace isn’t a covering to keep you bound.

It’s the Truth that will set you FREE, if you’ll pick up your mat and walk.

Stand up Church.

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