What Do You Want?

“And Jesus turned and saw them following Him, and asked them, “What do you want?” They answered Him, “Rabbi (which translated means Teacher), where are You staying?””
‭‭John‬ ‭1:38‬ ‭AMP‬‬

I woke up this morning with the Holy Spirit whispering,

“Truth in your inward parts.”

I was thanking Him with these words and yet also asking what He desired of me.

Jesus is Truth in our inward parts.

But I believe this question, Jesus asked them, was not only the beginning of His public ministry, but theirs.

Their answer was simple;

We want to be where You are.

They recognized that With Him, they had found everything, and without him, they were left looking.

Paul says that marriage is an illustration of the relationship between us, The Bride, and Jesus.

In that case, I see this even clearer, this morning.

My man is resealing our deck.

It’s not necessarily the most enjoyable thing to do, but being where He is, makes it enjoyable.

There are things we go through with Jesus, but knowing He’s there makes what we do, ok.

That was just a side dish!

What is really coming up in my heart is the What Do you want?

I’ve shared this before, and it’s worth sharing again.

Especially if you struggle to pinpoint the ministry God has desired, tailor fit to you.

You see, Andrew, one of the two who was asked the question, wasn’t in the spotlight, as far as ministry is concerned, but He told Peter that they had found, Who they were looking for.

The passion that Father has put in your heart, won’t stop until you’ve found your desire.

What you let slip through your hands, you were never truly passionate about.

Holy Spirit reminded me the other day of the two women who fought over the baby, after one of them had lost a child.

The mother who was willing to sacrifice her role as the mother so that the child could be saved, was the real mother.

There’s a whole detailed message in that!

Different day…

But what God wants us to see, is that He put the passion in your heart for a purpose.

Nothing will satisfy until you’ve got it.

Hannah is another example.

She was never satisfied, not even with a double portion, until Samuel was born.

She was desperate with desire.

God’s desire, for the nation.

Samuel was a Voice of Truth to his generation.

So, what is it that you want?

Or rather, what is God wanting to come to pass through you?

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