Look Who’s Hearing

We’ve all heard the phrase “look who’s talking.”

It’s usually a response to those with a hypocritical attitude.

But all day yesterday I kept seeing and hearing this in a different way.

“Look who’s hearing… “I heard Father say.

He was sharing with me, that fruitfulness and effectiveness will flow from what we’re hearing, (Him say) not just what we’re saying.

Talking the talk is much different than walking the walk.

How do we make that conversion?

By sitting down.

At His feet.

And listening to what HE is saying.

Remember Mary?

She challenges me.

When I read about what happened between she and her sister, I’m encouraged by her ability to sit,


And let JESUS defend her.

She seemed like she was doing nothing,

But she was learning to listen.

Because of that small beginning, she was the first one, to recognize the Risen King’s voice that day in John 20.

I want to share her encouragement and challenge to you…

Sit down.


This is what I needed to hear. I’m simply sharing His heart with you-

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