I’ll Never Let Go, Jack

“Let go, my soul, and Trust In Him-

The winds and waves still know HIS NAME.”

So, this morning as I’m doing dishes, Holy Ghost starts stirring this jam in my spirit.

And next I’m brought to that scene in Titanic.

Had Rose not let go of Jack,

They would have both drowned.

Our soul is like Jack.

It’s in love with the thought of love-

Based on emotions,

and circumstances and how we feel.

True love, is life saving.

It’s what Jesus did for us-

Yet our soul tries to hold on to what we feel instead of what’s Been Done for us.

Let go, I say to my soul this morning.

Stop holding on to feelings and circumstances and Trust what Jesus SAID.

My circumstances already know His Name!

Awaken to Jesus inside of you.

Just like Jesus awakened to the raging sea.

The circumstances had to bow.

So do yours!

Let Go….

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