Burnt Toast

I was led back to Mark 4 this morning.

If I’m comparing my life with what Jesus looks like in ministry,

after hearing an awesome stirring from Dan Mohler about how your life depicts what you believe,

My picture of reality, that Jesus showed me, was that of a burnt piece of toast!

There’s no doubt I deliver, or share my bread-

But the question is, how have I been sharing it?

Sometimes, or rather the majority of times, I serve it burnt!

Mark 4 says that it’s because of a root deficiency.

The scorching and burning are from persecution.

But somehow that burnt taste is the aftermath to those I’m trying to feed.

I don’t want that.

Persecution comes, yes, but it doesn’t have to change how I respond-

unless I let it.

Insufficient roots… it says.

So how can I fix that?

Ephesians 3 says that we can be grounded and rooted in His Love.

Brothers and Sisters, I know I have shared this often,

But until the toast comes out golden, I’ll continue!

It’s not how much we love God.

(We can serve and serve and serve that toast…)

It’s how much He loves us.

It’s what He prepares and serves through us!

What we believe about that, will determine the results of our life and ministry.

The Love of God is the nourishment to our root system.

Healthy root, healthy fruit.

Believing what He said, makes for better bread!

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