Promise or Pressure

I was going over one of my other blogs where I had mentioned Abraham-

being led by pressure from His wife, instead of promise from His God.

I believe God is asking this question of me.

Are you being led by promise, or pressure?

I ran the other night in fear.

While facing giants, as I said the Lord had shown me, in New Heights, New Ites,

I indeed was facing a giant, and because I chose to be led by fear, I ran.

Pressure will cause what’s really on the inside to surface.

What do you do with it?

Well, I had to get real with God.

We can either get real, and get healed, or act like nothing is wrong and get worse.

I was actually going to say stay the same, but we won’t ever just stay the same.

If we aren’t taking ground, we are losing it.

Honestly, the fear scared me. I was afraid that I could be so afraid.

After all this time of study in God’s Word, and after all the sharing of it, and excitement of the future, How could I, be afraid.

There was my problem.

I was relying on my faith.

I had lost sight of the fact that Jesus, is the author and the finisher of my faith.

Pressure will reveal where you’ve placed your faith.

Paul asked the Galatian church who had bewitched  them, to assume that after they had begun in the Spirit, by Grace, now could they do it on their own by works.

Promise will produce. Pressure will relapse.

But Praise Be to God for His Word. When we relapse, We look back to Jesus and forward to Jesus. There He is, all around us.

In Abraham’s account, we see the end result.

So, I rest my case, right now, in the Authority and Provision of Jesus. He is the High Priest of my confession. I’m going to the other side.

He that began a good work in me, in my marriage, in our kids, in our church, in our finances….. He it is that will see that it accomplishes.

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