What “mode” are you in?

My daughter has two days of school left.

She couldn’t be more ready to be done, and as her teacher, because she’s homeschooled, I’m feeling the effects of her pain.

And so are others around me.

I’ve found myself in teaching “mode” even while I’m not teaching.

At this point, we’re both over it, yet we still have to finish what we’ve started.

Thus, the mode.

Do you sometimes feel like you’re like Buzz on Toy Story when he was changed to the Spanish mode?

Like no one can understand you, but you can’t figure out why?

As a bible teacher and mom of two home school children, I forget that every moment is not a teaching moment.

At least not with me as the teacher.

Sometimes I forget i need to be taught, or even just free to have fun-

Switch off the teaching mode for a while.

I was reminded several weeks ago about Jesus calling us to the “unforced” rhythms of Grace.

My heart leaped.

Yes, just like summer vacation is that hope on the horizon for that last month of school,

so, a break from the “ this is the way we walk with Jesus” excited me.

Have I really been walking with Him?

Or ahead of Him?

or way behind Him?

He said His Yoke was easy and light, so something must be off if we’re overloaded.


What does that look like?

I call to remembrance the excitement of the beginning of my journey with Jesus.

Much like the start of a new school year.

It was a sense of Adventure and something that seemed so vast and extraordinary.

God Loved me….. He proved it when He paid the price, before I ever did anything.

That was the opening to the Adventure. The same beginning for all of us.

Then He added the Promises.

I was so excited.

So much to learn.

So, how did I go from that excitement to a teaching mode?

I began to force myself, and

Jesus never forces us to do anything.

Our walk with Him is called to be the opposite.

Unforced rhythm by Grace.

A friendship.

And although He is our teacher, we learn by His example, no longer by the law.

So, I’m changing my mind tonight, allowing God to change my mode.

If I’m walking with Jesus,


and led by His example,

then those around me will experience the effects of Grace,

and also be taught by example,

not by a legalistic, forced form of religion.


School’s out. Teaching mode off…and you can find me….

Relaxing in the Son….

Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith.
25 But after that faith is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster.
26 For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:24-26


Help us to stay in the unforced Rhythm of your Grace.

We’re your children.

Yes, we learn from you as you teach us by the Precious gift of your Holy Spirit, But we’re no longer learning the letters of the law.

Help us realize that school is out and we can relax in your Son- our Savior.

He made Grace available, and We receive the Abundance of  it today, to reign in this life, With you.

In Jesus Name and Victory,


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